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Phillies Papelbon, I'd like to play for a winner

Phillies reliever Papelbon would love to be traded to a winner
Phillies reliever Papelbon would love to be traded to a winner
Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

It all started with a simple question from CSNPhilly’s Jim Salisbury about whether Papelbon would waive his no trade clause in order to be traded . Papelbon seem confused by the question then answered, “Of course, man, What kind of question is that?...Some guys want to stay on a losing team? That’s mind-boggling to me,” he said.

Of course Papelbon's comments sparked responses from both sides, those who want Papelbon gone and those who can see hie point of view.

Papelbon never really caught on in Philly as a fan favorite. His brash comments and lackadaisical attitude have rubbed fans the wrong way. Back on May 13th Papelbon was criticized not coming in to close out a game against the Mets which the Phillies were winning 4 -1. The bullpen game up three runs in the bottom of the ninth. The Phillies eventually lost the game in the bottom of the 12th.

Now come the current comments from Papelbon about wanting to be traded to a winner which have man fans saying, "when are you leaving let us know we'll hold the door for you."

While the comments by Papelbon seem like a kick in the teeth to the Phillies and their fans, he does have a point. What player at any level both professional and amateur does not want to play for a winner? It is what sports at any level is all about. Sure they team little league players all about good sportsmanship but in the end once a player reaches a certain level of sports especially when they play as a pro they want to win.

Players want to wear a championship ring, bask in the glory of seeing the championship trophy and knowing they beat out a lot of teams to get where they are. While Papelbon is not the kind of player fans in the City of Brotherly love like to see play here like it or not his comments echo true.

In the world of today's sports many players are guns for hire and are not shy to go to a team where they can get the thrill and excitement of being in the playoffs and winning.

In the end Papelbon may still be here come the end of the trade deadline. There are not to many teams who would want to inherit the rest of his $13 million salary this season and his whole $13 million salary for next season.

For Papelbon's complete comments click here.

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