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Phillies not ready for the regular season

The Phillies still have a lot of ifs
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Flyers seem likely to be headed into the playoffs. The Sixers, well they are headed for one of their worst seasons ever. The Eagles are tooling for the future. The Phillies entered Spring Training with a lot of ifs and they seem to be headed into the 2014 baseball season still struggling along with, as of Sunday March 16th, a record of 5 -12 and 2.

The Phillies open the regular season in 15 days away at the Rangers and they still have a lot of areas of concern which need to be answered .

  • Cole Hamels, no one is saying how long he will be out. One day Hamels is well and on his way back, the next who knows how long he will be out.
  • Phillies lack of hitting. They have been shut out twice and have only managed to eek out five wins No one seems to be concerned, Ryan Sandberg included. No one except the fans who have visions of lasts years dismal .248 batting average. Amaro Jr. seems to think the likes of Utley and Howard will start hitting and the rest of the team will follow. He may be right but only time will tell.
  • Without Cole Hamels the Phillies have one bonafide pitcher, Cliff Lee, after that there are a lot of unanswered questions. AJ Burnett will probably be okay once the season starts after him the door is wide open to round out the top five. However Kyle Kendrick will probably be there somewhere. No matter who is in the starting rotation, unless the Phillies start hitting, they are going to have to pitch well enough to win a Cy Young.
  • Some of the other concerns going into season opener are how well the new old timers like Marlon Byrd will produce. If Jimmy Rollins can step up and be the Jimmy of old. So far in spring training the only thing J Roll has seemed to manage to do is tick off Sandberg with his, "it's only spring training," comment. If the youngsters like Ruf and Revere continue to improve or will they take a step back.

The Phillies have another few days of Spring Training to get things together after which the games will start to count. The list of problems surround the team has right now seem surmountable. Ryan Sandberg seems to have his work cut out for him just to try and field a competitive team.

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