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Philips says check your headlights as we head into summer

Philips says take a look at your headlights
Philips says take a look at your headlights

Chances are you will be doing more driving than usual this summer. With summer travel and late nights at the kid's Little League games, you want make sure your car is safe and any possible distractions or hindrances are avoided.

One risk you can control is your headlights.

Cloudy or headlights that aren't working properly can impact driver safety and vision. They can increase the risk of accident and/or injury. Once your headlights get too old, they get hazy and emit less light while on the road.

The fact is, you should never drive with hazy headlights.

"Driving with headlights that have become clouded over time leaves drivers vulnerable to risky driving conditions," said Ann-Marie Hines, Senior Marketing Manager of Philips Automotive. "These dim headlights function improperly for drivers, limiting the amount of light on the road, and actually dramatically increase the glare that other drivers see."

Getting new headlights installed can be a life saver.

Per Philips, here are some helpful headlight maintenance tips:

- Address headlight issues before they appear. Though headlights will inevitably wear down over time, drivers can still take preventative measures to improve the performance of their headlights so their visibility is not compromised. The Philips Headlight Restoration Kit includes a pre-treatment that provides long-lasting UV protection for headlight lenses. Thanks to the kit, which also includes a cleaner/polish and restorer/protector, drivers can restore a headlight lens in as little as 30 minutes. Drivers hesitant to perform their own restoration can calm their nerves by taking advantage of a short how-to video that shows motorists how to restore headlight lens clarity in a matter of minutes. The video, which can be found at

- Replace headlight bulbs. Much like light bulbs used in a home, headlight bulbs tend to wear down over time. Humidity, electrical resistance, filament fatigue and general usage combine to reduce the light output of headlight bulbs, which experts recommend should be replaced every two years.

- Upgrade existing bulbs with a new generation of high performance light bulbs that mark a dramatic improvement over the traditional halogen bulbs, which are standard on many vehicles. Philips Upgrade Headlight Bulbs are designed to put substantially more light on the road while creating a better beam pattern that is much longer than that produced by standard halogen bulbs. Available in a variety of brands, these uniquely designed bulbs are even tailored to meet specific driver's needs, ensuring commuters, soccer moms and sports enthusiasts won't fall victim to poor visibility no matter where their travels take them.

- Routinely clean your vehicle's glass and mirrors. Debris and film buildup on windshield glass and on rear- and side-view mirrors can reduce vision, especially for drivers who smoke inside their vehicles.

It's good to clean your car on the inside and outside.

Some good advice from Philips and it's time to check your headlights.

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