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Philips New Clear LED Bulb to Light the Way

The switch from the days of the incandescent light bulbs from the days of Thomas Edison has been a long arduous process that still continues to this day. Consumers have many reasons as to why they have yet to make the switch ranging from the higher cost to even how the bulbs look. Initially there was the move to the energy efficient compact florescent lights and now there are the light-emitting diode (LED) lights. These LED light bulbs have become pretty popular but still have the stigma with regards to their aesthetics due to the nearly hundred years of incandescent familiarity. Well the folks at Philips have released a clear version of the LED light bulb. The clear bulb was made to mimic the standard incandescent bulbs by having clear glass and the LED lights in the form of the traditional filaments. To go along with the look, there is also the feel of familiarity by having the bulb only emit a “warm” light of 40 watts. The aesthetically pleasing and energy saving bulb can last about 25,000 hours and is capable of dimming. According to the company’s press release, the candle form of these clear LED bulbs are already being used in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. This is a great idea from Philips and hopefully more companies follow suit so that these types of bulbs become cheaper for consumers. Speaking of price, the company will be selling them for 8.99€ (about $12) which is on par with majority of the other LED bulbs on the market. Those that plan to buy will have to wait until this July to get that familiar bulb look in their home.

Philips Clear LED Bulbs
Koninklijke Philips N.V.
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