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Philips AirFryer makes cooking healthier and easier

Philips AirFryer
Philips AirFryer

We all know how important resolutions are, especially after the first of the New Year. Most people resolve to start eating healthier, lose weight and get started on a healthier fitness routine. To achieve some of the fastest results, we introduce you to Philips Airfryer.

Now you can still enjoy all of the foods (even French fries) you loved last year but without all of the added fat. What makes this unit so unique is that the device fries food with just ½ tablespoon of olive oil. It’s time to get healthier and this just might be the best and easiest way to do just that without sacrificing taste.

The Airfryer utilizes Rapid Air Technology to circulate hot air with speed for faster cooking with less oil. Set the manual temperature control to 390 degrees to fry up some deliciously crispy French fries in about 20 minutes or lower it to bake, roast or even grill up some of your other favorite foods. We love the fact that this convection-style unit uses air circulation to offer a healthier way to enjoy what would have been an unhealthy dish.

While the Philips Airfryer should not be compared to a traditional deep fryer (which results in extra crispy food), this unit takes the deep frying concept out of the mix and turns a healthy spin on cooking through baking. One of the best parts might be the fact that the unit is very easy to clean and doesn’t smell as much as traditional home fryers (and the scent doesn’t linger for hours after you are done cooking).

The Airfryer is simple to use right out of the box and comes with some great recipes to get you started cooking quickly. We loved making breaded chicken in the unit, which came out lightly crisped on the outside with a juicy interior.

While the unit is somewhat pricey at $250, we think it’s well worth every penny. After all, isn’t your health worth it?

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