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Philippe by Philippe Chow is a culinary hit during Super Bowl Weekend

Executive Chef Philippe Chow at the Ultimate Maxim Super Bowl Weekend event
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images for Maxim

Recently, Philippe by Philippe Chow was chosen as the exclusive caterer for the Ultimate Maxim Super Bowl Weekend event at ESPACE in Midtown Manhattan. The highly coveted event brought together some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. I had the honor of doing an email interview with Executive Chef Philippe Chow to get his insights on the event, the restaurant’s dishes, and some exciting new opportunities:

1) Amazing that Maxim handpicked Philippe by Philippe Chow to cater its Super Bowl weekend event! How did you the partnership with Maxim develop? Are you planning on partnering with the brand on future events? I’ve been looking forward to working with Maxim for quite some time, and they always put on an amazing Super Bowl event. Since Philippe is a perennial NYC favorite amongst athletes and musicians alike, who better to have cater such a major event for both football and music enthusiasts alike? It was a natural fit and I was honored that Maxim came to us first with the opportunity.

2) What are the three most popular dishes at your restaurant and will they be served at the event? The number one most ordered dish is definitely Chicken Satay. Virtually every patron who dines at Philippe orders at least one plate of them (many order several). The Vegetable and Peking Duck Spring Rolls are also a go-to favorite appetizer for sharing. And the Salt & Pepper Shrimp - which is not actually on the menu, but most of our guests know to order it, is a top choice as well. For this weekend’s Maxim event, we’ll be serving the Chicken Satays, Shrimp Satays (an easier to handle version of the popular Salt & Pepper Shrimp entree, prepared for an event setting such as this), and the wildly popular Vegetable Spring Rolls.

3) What are your favorite ingredients to cook with and how do you feel they complement your dishes? I like to cook with simple, high-quality ingredients when cooking, to bring out the natural flavor of all elements in the dish. The signature hand-pulled noodles are made with only water, flour, and oil, but those ingredients are combined in a traditional and theatrical performance to create classic noodles which perfectly complement the sides and sauces which accompany the dish. I also like to cook with various nuts - walnut, peanut, and cashews especially - to give the dishes added texture, and rich black mushrooms which both absorb the spices used with the corresponding dish and enhance the flavor with an earthy undertone.

4) Are there upcoming endeavors you’re working on either at the restaurant or through other partnerships? January 31st marks the beginning of one of our biggest annual celebrations - the Chinese Lunar New Year, which I’ve prepared several specialty dishes for. I’m also looking forward to Valentine’s Day, for which reservations are usually booked up weeks in advance, and the staff always makes the meal extra special for those couples who celebrate with us. I’m currently in the final stages of launching a full-scale catering service - Catering by Philippe. And we’re currently exploring the possibility of expanding into other cities the United States, like Las Vegas. This fall we opened a brand new location on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills, CA and it’s been doing tremendously well.

5) Who are you most excited to see at the event? I’m very excited to see who comes out for the Maxim Big Game Weekend. The event always brings out some amazing talent and big stars. I’m especially excited to see Kendrick Lamar perform. His Grammy performance with Imagine Dragons was incredibly impressive. And host Alyssa Milano is a very inspiring woman for all of her contributions to organizations such as UNICEF and Charity:Water.

6) How else are you prepping for the Superbowl? Are you looking forward to anything in particular on game day? We have several events going on at Philippe this weekend. With all of the players in town for the Super Bowl, many of them are planning to dine with us. [On Thursday] night, Tim Tebow, the McCourty twins, Adrian Wilson, and Sidney Rice, were among some of our dinner patrons. During the actual Super Bowl game, most of our private rooms are already booked. They have private AV and television screens within them so that up to 25 guests can dine with us while watching the game. We expect a packed house and it will be a lot of fun.

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