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Philippine police abuse prisoners by spinning the 'wheel of torture'

Amnesty International released a press release on Monday exposing the national Philippine police for abusing prisoners at a police station in Binan. While visiting the jail, members of the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights (CHR) witnessed police torturing prisoners with a “wheel of torture.”

Amnesty International wants Philippine police officers to stop spinning the 'wheel of torture.' website

CHR members saw officers spinning a roulette wheel with a variety of cruel punishments. For instance, the wheel had a bat position punishment and another that involved punching prisoners in the face.

The bat punishment forces prisoners to hang upside down like a bat while the “Manny Pacquiao” punishment involved punching a prisoner in the face for twenty seconds. CHR officials have accused at least ten officers of abusing 44 prisoners. The organization wants the abuse to stop. Hazel Galang-Folli of Amnesty International said the following:

“For police officers to use torture ‘for fun’ is despicable. These are abhorrent acts. Suspending officers is not enough. Errant police personnel and their commanding officers should be held accountable in a court of law.”

Read the full story at the Amnesty International website.

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