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Philip Seymour Hoffman: the sad farewell

Addiction didn't just hurt Philip Seymour Hoffman, it hurt his whole family
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The news of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman is tragic on many different layers. First, the way he passed away was shocking and before his time. Also, he was a family man and has left behind three young children. He was a talented actor who was actively working on a couple of different projects before he died.
Unfortunately, he is not the only famous person that has succumbed to drug addiction. However, the latest news has been involved younger artists, such as Cory Monteith. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death has a sobering element since he was at an age as you the parent might be. As you talked to your children about this news, you may wonder why he didn't know better. Didn't he already attend a rehab center? Blaming the victim needs to be discouraged. Addiction knows no age limit and this should be shared with your children in an age appropriate way.
Another learning opportunity to share with your children is it’s not always known what someone is going through. For instance, Philip Seymour Hoffman was successful, famous and productive—through the public eye, it seemed he had it all. However, later reports are referencing that he was battling some demons, the largest being struggling with his over 20 years of sobriety. It is a good reminder to your children that circumstances don’t always lead to happiness.
As more articles speak of enjoying his work, it is heartbreaking that these praises are given to him posthumously. Though this sadness can bring some good-- a reminder to share enthusiasm for artists respected. If there is a movie, song or book that you or your family enjoy, send a fan letter, post on their Facebook page, or send out a tweet to their Twitter account. You never know, you may receive a reply back. An even better lesson is to share your admiration and good thoughts with the people you love.

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