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Philip Seymour Hoffman: Man arrested from cellphone data linked to big stars

Philip Seymour Hoffman's cellphone number has been linked to the arrest of four for selling heroin in Manhattan. Police say an investigation into Hoffman's death led them to zero in on two apartments, one of which yielded "hundreds of packets" of heroin, according to the Daily News on Feb. 5.

Arrests have been made in the apparent heroin-overdose death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Although it's still unknown whether any of the suspects are actually tied to the 46-year-old actor's final supply of heroin, sources are linking a Manhattan jazz musician to the investigation. And the man has links to some of the biggest celebrity names.

Robert Vineberg was arrested Tuesday, who sources claim an informant named as Hoffman's "main dealer," and that the actor visited his apartment twice a week to score "dozens of bags of heroin.", according to TMZ.

Massachusetts cops warn of lethal heroin after Hoffman death.

Vineberg faces a felony charge of heroin possession with intent to sell. His professional resume includes playing the saxophone under the name Robert Aaron, alongside stars such as David Bowie, Paul Simon, Wyclef Jean, Tom Jones and the late Amy Winehouse.

The N.Y. musician was indicted Wednesday for felony possession of heroin with intent to sell, but prosecutors failed to name him specifically as a suspect in Hoffman's death.

Hoffman's lifeless body was discovered Sunday, clad in a T-shirt and boxer shorts with 70 baggies of heroin in his $10K-a-month West Village apartment.

"Just for the record, this case and the charges against Mr. Vineberg have absolutely nothing to do with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman," lawyer Edward Kratt said, adding, "I hope that the district attorney will not use Mr. Vineberg as a scapegoat in that unfortunate situation."

So far the medical examiner's office says Wednesday's autopsy results were inconclusive. However, the needle found stuck in his arm certainly points to a heroin overdose.

If charged, Vineberg faces 25 years in prison if convicted for the drug dealing alone.

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