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Philip Seymour Hoffman love memorial:

Philip Seymour Hoffman 's love is planning a memorial for the late actor who died last weekend.

RadarOnline published a report. Feb. 4 of Mimi O'Donnell surfacing in New York City as she was accompanied by Hoffman's assistant, Isabella Wing-Davey. The two of them went to the funeral home where they mapped out Hoffman's plot.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's love is said to be distraught over his death. She and Wing-Davey tried avoiding reporters as they walked on a busy sidewalk. Photos reveal O'Donnell appearing in an obvious state of mourning. She had kicked the father of her three children out of their apartment when he fell off the wagon after being clean 23 years. His heroin addiction had gotten out-of-control and she urged him to get help. She reportedly loved and cared for Hoffman, but wanted him to be healthy as well.

The NY Post wrote that a private funeral is Friday for Philip Seymour Hoffman and a memorial for those who love the actor will pay their respects.

Investigations into the actor's death are still being conducted and arrests have been made for those suspected to have been Hoffman's drug suppliers.

Coping with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman is especially hard on his love, Mimi O'Donnell. She is probably battling a lot of guilt although she did everything she could.

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