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Philip Seymour Hoffman last hours: Seen drinking in bar and passed out on plane

Philip Seymour Hoffman was seen drinking and smoking in an Atlanta bar just three days before he died, allegedly making frequent trips to the bathroom. Hoffman was later spotted passed out in his airplane seat as he flew back to New York.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was seen drinking in an Atlanta bar, and passed out on a plane as he made his way back to NYC in the hours leading up to his death. Images

Law enforcement sources said Monday that what was initially reported as about 10 bags of heroin found with his body was actually more like 50, suggesting the actor was planning a prolonged heroin binge, according to TMZ on Feb. 3.

A photo published on the gossip website clearly shows Philip Seymour Hoffman slumped over in his airplane seat. According to another passenger, the Oscar-winning actor was out almost as soon as he took his seat on the jet Thursday.

The witness on the plane said PSH eventually came to, appearing "groggy and disheveled." And when the flight landed, sources say Hoffman was promptly put on a waiting airport cart and whisked away.

Saturday Hoffman was reported to have had a relatively low key day, eating a meal with a friend and shopping in a neighborhood market. He was however seen turning over what looked like a large amount of cash to two men in an ATM around 8 p.m.

News of the amount of heroin found with the actor's body suggests Hoffman may have been planning to go on quite a binge. Sources say a number of the bags were still full, and several unused needles were found too.

Investigators are trying to get ATM surveillance footage from where a witness claims to have seen what looked like a drug deal go down between the actor and the two unknown men Saturday night.

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