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Philip Chism update: Teen pleads not guilty to rape of Danvers teacher

14-year old boy killed teacher at school
Danvers police file photo

CNN is reporting today that former soccer ball player Phillip Chism pleaded not guilty to aggravated rape of Colleen Ritzer. The 15-year old Danvers student was originally charged with first-degree murder, later adding the aggravated rape charge. The murder happened at Danvers High School in Massachusetts.

Phillip Chism, has admitted to police that he killed his teacher with a box cutter before discarding her body but pleaded not guilty to murder.

Police say, Phillip Chism followed his teacher Colleen Ritzer into the bathroom, where he assaulted her and cut her throat with a box cutter. Police evidence indicates that the teacher was also raped with an object. After the murder, Chism transported the dead teacher's body out of the school to a wooded area in the back of the school, then went to a movie.

Chism was arrested several hours later. Police have also examined the remains of a broken cell phone which may have actual photos of the crime, according to WBBJ Eye Witness News.

Philip Chism's mother is said to be "heartbroken" over her son's crime and for the death of his beloved teacher.

Philip Chism is due back in court on April 7.

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