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Philadelphia talent agent Mary Anne Claro has apparitions of the Blessed Mother

Breast cancer survivor, Mary Anne Claro has seen the Blessed Mother
Mary Anne Claro

With 40 years in the talent business, Mary Anne Claro is in an elite group of union agents required by SAG/AFTRA/AEA, of which there are only 150 in the entire country. She was the first talent agent to open an office in South Philadelphia. Claro uses her intuition which she credits the Blessed Mother for giving her the gift. “Our Lady has appeared to me more than once. She is my inspiration.” On at least three separate occasions, the Blessed Mother has appeared to her. Claro falls asleep with the rosary in her hands. She believes health issues triggered the apparitions. “ The first time Our Lady appeared to me, I thought I was dreaming and maybe felt a little frightened. I had the cover up to my face. Her hands were out by her side, dressed blue and in her glory”,recalls Claro. “ Shortly after I had a mammogram and a lump was detected. I was emotional to say the least. I broke down, called out to Mary. In the hospital I had an out of body experience and Our Lady appeared to me again.” Her doctors wanted her to go through chemo but she refused. “I’d rather live like I can for three years and then go to the Lord, rather than put poison in my body” When Claro had her last surgery, not only did the Blessed Mother appear to again, but a deceased friend, “ Joey. He died of leukemia. Our Lady’s presence was so powerful. I was in the hospital for six days. I refused the reconstructive surgery because I don’t want to put my body through the stress the multiple times you have to visit the plastic surgeon. ” Her mother,87 year old Raffaeli wanted to become a nun and even though she married, her devotion never waned. She named her daughter after Mary and her mother Ann. “ I have statues of Mary in my home and in my office, she tells. “You don’t have to believe in Mary but everyone needs to believe in something to get the strength you need to get on a serious level.”

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