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Philadelphia school shooting ends in at least two students being shot

Philadelphia experiences a school shooting
Philadelphia experiences a school shooting
Robert Sumner/Getty Images

A Philadelphia school shooting on Jan. 17 ended when two students and maybe more were discovered shot.

According to NBC Philadelphia via a Pennsylvania fire department representative, shots were said to have been fired from outside through a Delaware Valley Charter High School window.

The students, allegedly a boy and a girl, were transported to Einstein Medical Center, two blocks from the school, as the extent of the injuries from this tragedy unfolded.

"We do not have an active shooter situation," said Jillian Rusell, a Philadelphia law enforcement enforcement spokesperson.

The suspect is apparently a student who attends the school. This person was apprehended about an hour after the event when found near his home in South Philadelphia. Security cameras reportedly recorded the suspect as that suspect opened fire into a gym where seven students were said to be in attendance.

Delaware Valley Charter High School is the latest in a string of horrible shootings of this ilk, while movie theaters have also been targeted by people carrying guns and using them.

Earlier this week in New Mexico, a pre-teen with a sawed off shotgun sprayed bullet into Berrendo Middle School's gym. At that time, two students were seriously injured with the shooter placed into custody.

And so, as a Philadelphia school shooting is being reported, the details are scant so stay tuned for further information when it comes available.

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