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Philadelphia Restaurant Week Means Great Savings!

By Stu Leventhal (Your Philly Restaurant Consultant)
It is that time again Philadelphia Restaurant Lovers. Jan 19-24 and Jan 26-31 is Philadelphia Restaurant Week! Philadelphia Restaurant week is all about Philly’s top restaurants lowering their prices, competing for your business and showing off their best dishes!

As a Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant and a Philly restaurant, bar and club reviewer I get to eat out and drink out a lot in the Philadelphia area! As you probably guessed, many times reviewers wine and dine FREE, due to owners and managers looking to influence our reviews of their fine establishments. Freebees are a great perk for any reviewer despite the fact that we all despise reviewers who let their opinions be bought. Food and Beverage Reviewers with integrity, love all the added fuss we are lavished with when we show up to check out a new eatery; but, the good ones always write it like we see it!

Heck! Our reputations are at stake! The public and our fans count on our opinion! People plan parties and celebrations around the advice we food critics give! You cannot buy a new reputation and a new fan base for a couple of free meals and a few tall drinks! So restaurateurs do not expect to buy any favoritism here! But please do keep the freebees coming they are well appreciated! Enough ranting…the point of this article is to make you aware that over the next two weeks it is your chance to taste all those high end establishments Downtown Philadelphia has to offer! You know you have been salivating to try some new places in Center City!

It is Philadelphia RESTAURANT WEEK and that means discounts and specials! This year there are two weeks!


I suggest a few outings into the City of Brotherly Love over the next two weeks. Stroll around and take advantage of all the specials! You are not going to forgive yourself if you miss PHILADELPHIA RESTAURANT WEEK 2014!

Culinary words of the week: Gherkin – small dark green cucumber grown to make pickles. Gherkins are packed in jars filled with pickling brine. The French version of Gherkins are called - Cornichons!


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