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Philadelphia Phillies get into recycling

This week the Phillies signed Chad Gaudin to their pitching staff
This week the Phillies signed Chad Gaudin to their pitching staff
Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

The Phillies are in the middle of a recycling movement. The team is in the process of bringing back old favorites who they hope will revive the teams chances of winning another division title against teams like the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals.

Two months ago the Phillies signed Marlon Bryd a two year $16 million dollar contract with the idea he will be the same player he was with the New York Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates last year. A big gamble which has more of a downside than upside.

This week the Phillies decided to once again recycle another one of their old favorites, Bobby Abreu. According to CSN Sports Abreu who turns forty in March, "has signed a minor league deal to return to the Phils, who have not made an official announcement." Abreu, will be invited to spring training with the big club and is due to earn $800,000 if he makes the team.

Abreu played for the Phillies from 1998-2006 before being traded away to the Yankees. In his first stint with the team he hit .303 with 195 homers and 254 stolen bases in 1,353 games played.

"He’s very motivated, "Amaro said of Abreu to, "He’s in very good shape. Our reports on him is he’s been swinging the bat well, moving well. He’ll have a lot to prove in spring, he’s going to have the opportunity. It’s a no-risk kind of deal. If he makes the club, great."

In addition to Abreu, the Phillies also signed thirty year old Chad Gaudin who last played for the San Franciso Giants. Gaudin is not a recycled player, having not played with the team before, he is just another in a long line of older players Amaro tries to recycle with the Phillies, some like Doc Halladay work out for the best, most are a bust.

Phillies fans are once again not impressed with any of Amaro's recent signings with quite a few fans on local talk radio asking for his firing.

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