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Philadelphia Phillies face another righteous fan revolt

The Philadelphia Phillies were popular during both of their 'Golden Eras'. But, their fans have often revolted in between those glory days. As the 2008 season continues to fade, the voices of a rising throng are being loudly heard again.

Anyone who claims to understand, or believes that they speak for, Philadelphia baseball fans, or Philadelphia sports fans in general, should clarify their own outlook from the outset. In this humble author's opinion, personal perception plays heavily into one's support for, or opposition to, this particular crowd.

Each region of the country has clearly developed a certain cultural identity. Philadelphia loyalists often come off as excessively sensitive, sometimes to the point of being childish. But, is that a fair analysis?

Is is accurate to say that this group appears to have a collective inferiority complex when compared to people who are connected to other major cities like New York, Boston or Los Angeles?

The Phillies generally haven't been contenders throughout their history. There were two World Series' appearances before 1980 arrived, but decades of losing naturally earned rightful skepticism.

After the 2008 World Series was won, this team didn't have to win another title to maintain fan support. It simply had to play it smart for awhile. As each progressively worse season has unfolded, the fans logically concluded that the 'right moves' weren't being made.

If an excessive amount of empty seats are seen all spring and summer long, which would evoke many Veterans Stadium seasons, the people who aren't buying those tickets shouldn't be chided for making sound consumer choices.

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