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Philadelphia fire escape balcony collapse: 1 dead, 2 injured in 4 floor plummet

A man is dead and two women are in the hospital after a fourth floor fire escape balcony collapsed under them while at a Pennsylvania party over the weekend. While the party was in full swing, the man and two women stepped onto the balcony of the fire escape to have a cigarette when the collapse occurred, according to on Jan. 12.

Philidelphia fire escape balcony collapses killing one and injuring two others. They fell four floors after stepping out during a party to have a cigarette.

The 22-year-old man and the two women were at an apartment in the historic Rittenhouse Square neighborhood in Philadelphia. The fall caused massive head and neck trauma to the man, who was taken to the hospital on Saturday night and died Sunday morning.

Falling four floors also caused serious injuries to both women, who are in their late 20s. They are both suffering broken bones in their backs. The women are in two separate city hospitals listed in stable condition today. The site of the crash was the historic John C. Bell building, which is a building that houses apartments today. Officials from a few different city departments are investigating the fire escape balcony collapse.

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