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Philadelphia Film Society begins 'Sensory Friendly Sundays' at the Roxy

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While taking a child with a behavioral or developmental disability to the movies may be challenging, the Philadelphia Film Society has created "Sensory Friendly Sundays" at the Roxy Theater for just that purpose. Despite any disabilities, parents and children alike can now enjoy the full moviegoing experience in a stress free environment specifically catered to them.

Sensitivity to light and sound are often associated with developmental disabilities, making going to the movies seemingly implausible. Yet, The film series offers “an inclusionary monthly film screening series...designed to create accessibility for individuals who may have a heightened sensitivity to the darkness, visual effects, or volume of a traditional movie theater experience." Customary social expectations are also relaxed, and gluten free snacks are provided.

The monthly screenings will feature a wide array of genres including international, award-winning, animated, and live action films. The 2013 movie "Antboy" is next to be part of the series and is scheduled to play at the Roxy Theater on Sunday, May 28. "Antboy" tells the story of a 12 year old boy bitten by an ant who develops superhuman powers as a result. His arch nemesis reveals himself soon after as the supervillain known as "The Flea". Antboy must become the type of hero he idolizes in his comic books and save the town from destruction with the help of his friends.

Tickets are $6.00 for PFS Members, $9.00 for adults, and a discounted rate of $1.00 for children. You can click here for more info.