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Philadelphia execution murder: 3 men killed execution-style, no arrests yet made

A Philadelphia execution-style murder discovered on Thursday of three men.
A Philadelphia execution-style murder discovered on Thursday of three men.
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Three men were the victims of a Philadelphia execution murder in a house located in the Lawncrest area of the city. NBC News reported Feb. 14 that the victims found on Thursday were in their 20s. Police confirmed that it was an execution-style murder of the men.

Authorities said two of the men were found on the first-floor tied up and shot in the head. The third victim was discovered shot in the head in a bedroom on the home's second-floor.

Police explained that it appears a semi-automatic weapon was used in the Philadelphia execution murder of all three men. The house had been ransacked as well. This all happened at 3:15p.m. Thursday when a call to police went out after a woman was heard screaming outside on the driveway.

At this point there are no arrests and no evidence of weapons present from the triple-murder. Investigators have no leads, so anyone with information is urged to contact the Philadelphia Police.

It is unsettling to learn of a homicide that makes news and the Philadelphia execution murder story is especially alarming due to the manner in which it was carried out. People will feel safer when authorities can nail the criminals responsible for this.

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