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Philadelphia Eagles say goodbye to DeSean Jackson

On the same day the Eagles signed Marc Sanchez, the former Jets quarterback, to be a backup to Nick Fowles the team also released DeSean Jackson their all star wide receiver.

Sanchez passed his physical and though expected to be the backup to Foles will still need to compete with Matt Barkley G J Kinne in training camp. "I've said many times that we will always look to add quality players at the quarterback position," Kelly said, as noted on "We consider it a key position in this game, so having the chance to add Mark to that group was a no-brainer for us.

Sanchez would have preferred to either have stayed with the Jets or try a comeback as a starting quarterback on another team but is excited for the chance to play in the Chip Kelly high flying offense.

While Sanchez was signing a deal, the Eagles were busy releasing DeSean Jackson their all-star wide receiver.

The release of Jackson end a couple of months of drama which started at the end of the season when Jackson hinted he wanted his $25 million contract renegotiated so he could be paid like one of the premiere wide receivers in the league.

The Eagles then tried to shop Jackson around with no apparent offers for the wide receiver. Then came last week with assurances by the Eagles it appeared Jackson was staying in the fold even though Chip Kelly played it cool when he asked about the future of Jackson. However on Friday things seemed to change rapidly.

A report published on linked him with several gang members, "Theron Shakir, one of the two men charged with the murder," of a 10 year boy in 2010 and his, "co-defendant Marques Binns." Shakir, also recorded a rap album as "T-Ron," on Jackson's record label, "Jackpot Records".

While Jackson was never a co-defendant in the murder of the 10 year old boy or another murder outside of a business which was allegedly owned or leased by a Jackson family member, the report may have been the final straw which led to his release.

One listen to WIP 94.1 sports talk radio it is easy to tell how dumbfounded Eagles fans are by the sudden release of Jackson. It is clear most fans expected the team to get rid of Jackson but they thought the team would at least work a deal which would send him packing for a draft pick or two.

Where the team goes from here remains to be seen. It is probably a good bet the Eagles will be looking at a wide receivers in the upcoming NFL draft.

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