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Philadelphia Eagles, ready for free agency

NFL free agency starts on March 11 at 4 PM and Philadelphia Eagle's fans are ready. After the down then up 2013 football season fans are looking for the team to add players which can propel the team to the next level. Fans are also wondering which players the Eagles will keep and which ones they will let fly out of town. The Eagles do have quite a few choices to make.with 10 players of their own entering free agent marketplace.

Johnny Manziel
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

According to Bleeding Green Nation some of the players the Eagles should keep are wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper as well as safety Kurt Coleman. Among the players who might be going are quarterback Michael Vick and OLB Philip Hunt. Bleeding Green Nation goes on to say the verdict on whether free agent Donnie "Football" Jones should stay or go, " is very simple: RE-SIGN HIM HOWIE!"

Which players will stay or go is up to Howie Roseman. Also up to Roseman and Chip Kelly among others is which players the Eagles will pursue in free agency.The Eagles have over $20 million available under the salary cap to go shopping in the free agent marketplace as per Fans of course want the Eagles to use the money to fill the team with big name free agents. But some like Andrew Kulp, of the Bleacher Report, says the Eagles, "Must be cautious in free agency," and not throw money at the feet of of high profile free agents, but take the time to find those players who fit into Chip Kelly's system.

Some of the needs the Eagles may fill though free agency is a backup quarterback for Nick Foles (assuming Mike Vick finds a new starting job with a new team and whether the Eagles feel Matt Barkley is not ready to move up into the backup role), and a safety to replace Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Colt Anderson, again assuming the Eagles don't offer contract extensions to one or all three of them.

The one things the Eagles don't want to do is go on a spending spree like they did a few years ago, remember the free agent debacle of 2011 which brought the Eagles such players as Vince Young, who proclaimed the Eagles, "The Dream Team," and Nnamdi Asomugha who never developed into the player the front office though he would..

With the way the team played through the latter part of 2013, if the players the Eagles need aren't there in free agency the draft is right around the corner where the Eagles can once again find the best players available to fill their needs.

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