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Philadelphia Eagle's fans all doom and gloom after Jackson signs with Washington

It's been a tough sports week in the City of Brotherly love. The Flyers lost two close games, the latest in a shoot out to the St Louis Blues. The Phillies relievers game away two games to the Texan Rangers. The Eagles, who have been the bearers of nothing but good news because of some good off-season free agent signings as well as the resigning of some key players did the unthinkable, they released DeSean Jackson.

His departure was announced with a 20 word tweet by the Eagles on March 28th, "After careful consideration this offseason, Eagles decide to part ways with DeSean Jackson. The team informed him of his release today."

Fans are clamoring for more words from the Eagles about why the team would just release a 1300 yard receiver who is coming off one of his best years ever. But they are only met with silence. It appears no more words about DeSean Jackson and his release will be forthcoming any time soon. The deed is done the Eagles appear to have moved on to planning for the draft.

It is not great surprise the Eagles released Jackson, after all at times he has been a thorn in their side. Fans however thought the Eagles would at least get a draft pick or something in trade for him. Now all they have is Jackson dressed in Washington Redskins maroon and gold, playing against the Eagles twice a year.

Jackson's former teammates for the most part have remained silent on Jackson's departure. Fans emotions however have ranged from anger and dismay, with one fan ranting about the move on local sports talk radio station WIP for over five minutes, to feelings of lets wait and see what Chip Kelly and the Eagles do in the draft, to feelings of doom and gloom for the upcoming season.

Where once the Eagles seemed poised to ride the top of the NFC East some fans now fear, with the addition of Jackson, the Washington Redskins may now have become a more formidable opponent, one which may knock the Eagles down a notch.

While it is true one player does not make a team, Jackson's departure does leave a a pretty big hole to fill on offense On the flip side the Eagles do still have a lot of weapons left on offence, 'Shady McCoy' and Darren Sproles among them and Chip Kelly who seems quite adept at using those weapons to the best of their abilities.

Of course if the Eagles get off to a slow start or the offense sputters Chip Kelly and the Eagles will be second guessed for years to come.

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