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BY Stu Leventhal (Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant)

Proper eating at the office can make the difference in your employee’s work output, performance, behavior and attitude. When your team has good nutrition it will gives them the energy they need to get through the day and gives their brains what it needs to think and respond to challenges. Meridith’s Corporate Catering has been helping to boost employee productivity for eleven years. 610-251-0265

Do you notice your employees nodding off during important team meetings? Crew members that don’t eat breakfast or don’t eat well nutritionally rounded, regularly timed meals can become tired during a long work day. Morning time can be a big rush out the door for the modern day worker but it is important to make the time for breakfast. This is where you as the team leader can help. Supplying a few fast breakfast choices for your team is more affordable and easier than you think. Just check out Meridith’s Online Catering ‘mix and match’ corporate breakfast menu. The ordering system is simple to use! Your crew will appreciate the treat.

A hot breakfast buffet, company supplied before the start of the Monday morning meeting can do wonders for employee morale. Let’s face it, your team sleeping through the first half of your important meetings can have a grave effect on the company’s bottom line and/or the performance of your department. You called this meeting for a reason and you want and deserve everyone’s undivided attention. A fast and simple office breakfast provides the body and mind many nutrients that are needed to give everyone a healthy extra boost. Meridith’s Catering menu has many tasty breakfast options to energize your team so they can get the most out of your morning meetings.

Fresh brewed coffee, hot tea and an assortment of fruit juices coupled with French toast, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, a bagel tray or an oat meal bar are just some of the tasty delicacies on Meridith’s Affordable Corporate Breakfast Menu. There are many create your own ideas you can come up with to make business breakfast healthy, tasty and enjoyable for you and your team.

I highly recommend Meridith’s California Frittata; farm fresh eggs baked with smoked salmon, green onions, California asparagus, golden Yukon potatoes and Monterey Jack cheese!

Providing a nutritious breakfast before your meeting or during your first meeting break is just good business sense. Your attendees do not have to wander off in all different directions searching for snacks and you won’t waste valuable time waiting for everyone to return then get settled in again. Your guests can stay focused while bonding with your other guests which is important for any company sponsored gathering. Business networking and professional mingling is easier when guests are relaxed, talking and enjoying quality food and beverages together.

Assure your guests and attendees the fuel they need to concentrate and contribute throughout your meetings. Order Meridith’s Catering today for your next corporate meeting or event. Suave Philadelphia business team leaders are finding Meridith’s Corporate Catering is one of the best business investments they ever made!

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