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Philadelphia cops to masquerade as Saints fans for tomorrow's playoff game

The Saints  logo
The Saints logo
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Philadelphia police are working hard to kill this towns reputation as being less than friendly to rival sports fans. Too many times, an out of town fan will pay a lot of money for tickets and transportation to see their team play the home team. Tomorrow, Jan 4 2013 we will host fans from New Orleans who hope the Saints win. Should that happen, or should the Saints score, there are a small minority of fans in Philadelphia that will verbally and physically assault the fans of the opposing team.

Tomorrow, a contingent of Philly cops will dress up as Saints fans. According to Lt. John Stafford of the Philadelphia Police Dept. "We have done this before, but we are also going to wear Eagles gear, and regular clothes. we want Saints fans to feel safe when they are in our town watching the game. The person sitting next to you in Saints gear, you won't know if they are a true saints fan or a Philly cop. We have zero tolerance for any violence towards people", said Stafford.

With the Eagles down, and the Saints scoring, the Saints fans will clap and scream. They are happy. An Eagles fan that just lost money is not and may take it the wrong way. The funny thing is.if the Eagles fan and Saints fan met wearing regular clothes, that Saints fan might be the customer service rep that got the Eagles fan a hard to get part for their vehicle, or the Eagles fan could save the life of the Saints fan by donating an organ. Take them to a sporting event where they do not know each other and they will fight.

Tickets to the game are expensive. if you go, unless you arrive by SEPTA, you will pay $20.00 to park a vehicle. You will get robbed of your money by paying inflated prices for beer or food. It will be cold. Maybe you are sitting next to a guy dressed in a Saints jacket. As they make a play and take an aggressive posture against the Eagles, this guy is cheering. Maybe he is a die hard Saints fan. Maybe he is a cop.

One thing NFL security can do is contact all of the police departments that have NFL teams and ship them 30 to 50 jackets and team apparel for their police to wear as they work to thwart violence in sports stadiums.

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