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Philadelphia 76ers draft two players not ready to help the team this year

Sixers third pick may not play all season long
Sixers third pick may not play all season long
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Sixers fans waited for weeks to see what the team would do in the NBA. Talk radio, newspapers and local sports bars were full of talk about how the team would spend their draft picks, especially their third and tenth picks. The general consensus was the Sixers would somehow use their picks to make a trade with the Cavaliers and get Wiggins with the first pick in the draft.

The Sixers seemed to have a plan going into the draft. It looked like Cleveland would take Embiid with the first pick and they would end up getting Wiggins or Parker with the third pick, Best case scenario would have the Sixers getting Wiggins, whom the team seemed to covet. Then came the Embiid injury and the draft landscape changed. Fans set their sights on the Sixers putting together some sort of block buster trade deal which would wrench the first pick overall in the draft from Cleveland.

Well come draft day the Sixers ended up baffling fans by taking Embiid with the third pick in the draft, then yet again when with the tenth pick they drafted guard Elfrid Payton which according to they traded to Orlando, "for the rights to forward Dario Saric (selected 12th overall), Orlando's 2015 second-round pick, and Philadelphia's own 2017 first-round pick (owed as part of a trade in 2012) returned." In the end the Sixers drafted two players not ready to help the team this year - Dario Saric, who they know will not play for them for at least two years and Joel Embiid who will most likely be out for the whole season

Fans were perplexed. What was Hinkie thinking?

Hinkie was thinking of a team which, a couple of years down the road, could feature such players as Michael Carter-Williams, Embiid, Dario Saric(unless he opps to stay in theCroatia) and Nerlens Noel. He is thinking of building a championship team his way.

Fans of the Sixers will have to learn to be patient as the team goes through a rebuilding process. Over the next few years there is going to be more loses than wins and more high draft picks to add to the team. In the end hopefully all the pain and frustration of watching the team struggle on the court will hopefully lead to a few years filled with at least a championship or two.

However in Philly sports anything can happen.

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