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Phil Robertson sermon video: Church applause follows pulpit homosexuality slam

Phil Robertson’s Easter sermon video has gone viral after someone released the video on YouTube recently. Most likely it has become popular because of the content of his sermon, which is being referred to as a “rant” on homosexuality. Robertson delivered the sermon to a wildly enthusiastic group of church followers. According to The New York Post on May 22, when he was done preaching the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch got a tremendous round of applause and cheers.

Phil Robertson's Easter sermon at church is revealed on YouTube. Another rant on homosexuality and the Bible?
YouTube screen shot

Phil’s little known sermon delivered to his hometown church came to light when someone posted a video of the “Duck Dynasty” star belting out his religious beliefs on YouTube, reports Hollywood Deadline today. Just like the caricature of a preacher, Phil used the tone of his voice while fluctuating the volume of his words to emphasis some of the more important points he was making.

The “Duck Dynasty” show was thrown a curve ball a while back when Robertson’s interview in GQ Magazine likened homosexuality to bestiality, which snowballed into a suspension from the show for the patriarch of the family. This turned into a mess with other family members backing Phil threatening there would be no “Duck Dynasty” without him.

A&E put Robertson back into the show and the entire incident seemed to fall by the wayside. “Duck Dynasty,” which is a big ratings show for the A&E network, saw half of their viewers gone after that last incident. This recent incident is sure to attract major outrage, as it did previously.

Robertson asked the congregation of Whites Ferry Road Church in Louisiana on Easter Sunday:

"What's Jesus coming back for? To bring salvation to those who are waiting for it. Are you waiting on Jesus? Or are you afraid to see that sky busting, you see him coming? You got two lists. I gave some guy one list. You say, were they mad at you about that list? They were mad at me."

The preaching seemed to center around the how the media portrayed Robertson's first religious rant for GQ. He pointed out that the media didn't know that the words that he quoted had come out of the bible. “The news media didn’t even know that it was a verse,” said Phil.

For his Easter Sunday sermon, he paraphrased a Corinthians verse saying:

“Neither the sexually immoral, nor the idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves, nor greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

It has been five months since Phil’s last homophobic rant put the brakes on his show, causing it to fall off in ratings. What will happen this time? Two sides emerged the last time Phil shared his religious beliefs on homosexuality.

Outrage calling for his removal from the show was the loudest and most prevalent of sides. Phil did have a backing of folks saying he had the right to his own opinion and the right to express his own religious beliefs. Phil took the opportunity Easter Sunday to say that there is nothing that is going to make him sway from his religious beliefs.

This time Phil’s rant was in a sermon meant to be heard by a like-minded bunch of people from his religion. This was his church and he was speaking about his religion. Will the same blow back spew this time?

It wasn’t as if it was said in a public venue, like the GQ Magazine. Doesn’t he have the right to preach his religious beliefs in his church without being subjected to suspension from his show? Or will a call to have Phil removed bubble up again and what will A&E do about it this time around? So far there hasn't been too much noise on the subject, but the video just surfaced.

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