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Phil Robertson on ISIS: 'Convert them or kill them'

'Convert them or kill them'
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Phil Robertson has stepped in it again. In an appearance on the Fox News show "Hannity" on Tuesday, Robertson was discussing the recent ISIS beheadings with Sean Hannity. He stated that we should either "convert them or kill them." He is sure to create some fall-out from his latest remarks. The full transcript of the interview is available at Fox Nation.

The controversial patriarch of "Duck Dynasty" fame had very pragmatic opinions on what we should do to handle the aggression being perpetrated by ISIS. He stated that doing nothing would be just waiting on the next attack. He added that they were not going to leave the United States or Israel alone.

During the interview, Robertson told Hannity that he never went anywhere without his Bible and his woman, Miss Kay Robertson. The Robertsons have been very upfront about events in their past which could be considered salacious. The entire family always gives credit to their life-changing conversion to Christianity and the forgiveness of sin they found in Jesus Christ. They are affiliated with the Church of Christ denomination there in West Monroe, Louisiana.

Phil Robertson is currently appearing in the media to promote his newest book entitled, “UnPHILtered: The Way I See It.” While his first book, “Happy, Happy, Happy,” was about his immoral past, this latest book presents the “new man” he became over 30-odd years ago. His ideology, his political opinions, his childrearing philosophy and more are offered up for public consumption. If the success of the first book is any indicator, the public will gobble it up immediately. “Happy, Happy, Happy” was on the New York Times Best Seller’s List.

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