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Phil Jackson believes Michael Jordan would beat Kobe Bryant 1-on-1

11-time NBA champion Phil Jackson made an appearance on Fox Sports Live on Jan. 22 to talk about his future and was asked about a debate that has been talked about for over a decade. The former Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls head coach was asked about the potential one-on-one showdown between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Without much hesitation, Jackson made his choice going with Jordan over Bryant due to his enormous hands.

Jackson believes Jordan's hands gives him the advantage over Bryant. Interesting reasoning for Jordan coming out on top against Bryant in a head-to-head matchup, but if anyone could give an honest assessment or education guess on who would win, it's the Zen Master.

Along with chiming in on the one-on-one debate with Bryant and Jordan, Jackson also asked about a few other scenarios with a few former Lakers involved.

Perhaps the most intriguing matchup outside of Bryant and Jordan that Jackson was asked about is matchup was between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Although there was a little hesitation, Jackson went with Bird over the Lakers legend due to his scoring ability.

Another pair of former Lakers that Jackson was asked about in a one-on-one showdown was Dennis Rodman and Metta World Peace. The man formerly known as Ron Artest has been compared to Rodman throughout his entire career in the NBA and Jackson believes the head-to-head showdown would be nothing more than a wrestling matchup.

Jackson also reiterated his desire not to return to coaching in the NBA. As arguably the greatest NBA head coach of all-time, Jackson's name surfaces in coaching rumors on an annual basis, but clearly doesn't want to return.

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