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Phil Ivey cheated? Borgata Hotel Casino sues Phil Ivey, claims he cheated

Phil Ivey allegedly cheated during a recent trip to the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. On April 12, ABC News reported that Phil Ivey -- a professional poker player -- has been accused of cheating the casino out of $9.6 million by asking the dealer to flip the cards a certain way while playing Baccarat. Apparently there was a "defect" in the playing cards -- and Ivey took full advantage.

The 38-year-old has already won nine World Series of Poker bracelets. He often refers to himself as the "Michael Jordan" of poker but cheating is something that seems to sneak up on him from time to time -- or perhaps "getting caught" sneaks up on him.

Phil Ivey cheated (allegedly) back in 2011 when he won $11.5 million in the UK. The casino he had been playing at refused to pay him his winnings. Based on the report, it's unclear how that incident turned out. Ivey was not banned from playing here in The States anyway, and he has won significant money throughout his career.

According to ABC News, Ivey has won $19.24 million since he began playing professional poker. Now many wonder how much of that money was won "fair and square" and if Ivey has gotten "lucky" by cheating or if he's just a really great player. While he was looked up to in the poker world, the cheating accusations could taint his reputation and, if it's proven that he's guilty of cheating, he could be banned from playing at different casinos.

According to CBS News, it wasn't until his fourth time in the Borgata Casino that he was caught. Gaming consultant Eliot Jacobson says that Ivey was "edge sorting" and according to gambling laws, that's not illegal. If the card defect is proven to be the casino's fault, Ivey will be off the hook.

Phil Ivey's alleged cheating left him facing charges of breach of contract, racketeering, and fraud to name a few. Obviously if Ivey is found guilty, this could be detrimental to his career. Do you think Ivey cheated? Will he be found guilty?

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