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Phil Dwyer at Les Brasseurs du Temps on Aug. 17

The academy of music and culinary arts?

Cooking’s cooking, one guesses, whether it’s the figurative or the literal, the first accomplished on a red hot saxophone, the other on a red hot stovetop. And so, in 2004, Vancouver Island native Phil Dwyer returned from a decade studying and gigging in NYC to B.C.’s Qualicum Beach, where he founded an institution devoted to both practices. Since then, Dwyer and other name jazz saxophonists, including Canadians Don Thompson, P.J. Perry and Seamus Blake, have advanced the music-making and food preparation skills of students of all ages.

And while he won’t be excusing himself and disappearing into the kitchen between numbers, Dwyer will again be linking his name with fine cuisine this Sunday when he plays Les Brasseurs du Temps in nearby Gatineau, QC.

Sunday night performances have become a staple at Les Brasseurs but known jazz commodities are a relatively new thing. Dwyer is a major coup: his 20 year career includes stints at clubs and festivals all over the world, contributions to a wide array of albums (including, of course, his own,) a Juno Award in 2012 for his CD Changing Seasons, his own line of saxophones, and, just last year, the Order of Canada.

(If you want to get to know him better, keep an eye out for his recent half-hour interview on the talk show Rockburn Presents, played regularly on CPAC.)

The musician-arranger will be bringing his son Ben on bass and Montreal drummer Andre White on drums for what’s sure to be an intimate show in an interesting setting. Between sets, for example, you check out the venue’s beer museum, celebrating Gatineau-Hull’s long brewing tradition.

Best, too, to catch Dwyer while you can. Right after the gig, he’ll be jetting to New Brunswick to continue his law studies. Dwyer may be middle-aged but nothing stops him; whatever piques his interest, he's off and running.

So catch the cooking, in both senses of the word – and the brewing - this Sunday at Les Brasseurs du Temps. The show starts at 8 PM and will cost you $20.

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