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Phi Delta Theta troubles at Drake University in Des Moines

Phi Delta Theta Crest
Phi Delta Theta Crest

On November 16th the Des Moines Register reported yet another life-threatening hazing incident, this time involving Drake University's Phi Delta Theta fraternity chapter. 

Two members were drinking with a pledge, who allegedly drank a straight cup of 190 proof alcohol, followed by 'a few' beer bongs. He was later hospitalized with a .5 BAC. He very well could have died, but he recovered and was released. The two members he was drinking with now face criminal charges.

Drake University and Phi Delta Theta national administrators shut down the fraternity and suspended their charter because of this incident, and all members currently living in that house have been forced to scramble for new living quarters next semester. They are all immediately deemed an alumni status with the fraternity.

Two days later, former member Bob Meyers posted a Facebook event, inviting former Phi Delts and friends of the house to meet together at West End -click there to read the article I've already written about this bar.

The Des Moines Register caught wind of this Facebook event less than 24 hours after it was posted. It was instantly second-page news. That night police showed up to monitor the house to ensure there was no party. West End refused service to some, and reserved the right to call the police if this party formed. Drake University Dean Sentwali Bakari wrote a letter to Meyers warning him to stop.

Meyers attempted to submit an opinion piece to the paper, but was told his article was too long. Meyers told me, "It was the actions of two people that ruined the whole thing. It was my senior year and I wanted to graduate as a Phi Delt".

In their defense, as a Drake sorority member myself, I had many friends in that fraternity years ago when I was a student. I know those two guys didn't mean to almost kill someone, but they weren't being careful and sometimes examples need to be made. It's too bad.