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Phenomacon paranormal conference in Gettysburg this weekend

GETTYSBURG, Pa. – Paranormal researchers, celebrities, authors and investigative teams are in Gettysburg, Pa. Thursday,April 10, through Sunday, April 13 at an annual paranormal convention hosted by North Eastern Paranormal Investigations.

Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio and Christopher Lutz
Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio and Christopher Lutz
Jeffrey B. Roth

Guest celebrities at Phenomacon include John Zaffis and family; Chip Coffey, Christopher Fleming and others. The conference is being held at the Eisenhower Hotel, south of Gettysburg. Featuring lectures, celebrity led investigations, the Ghoul's Gala, vendors and many more activities.

Events on Thursday include the Mickey Cucchiella Comedy Show and a ghost hunt at Eisenhower, said Dana Wingerd spokesperson for the event. Friday highlights include lectures, such as Alternative Theories on Ghosts, Spirits and the Supernatural, led by Mark Johnson; Sandiee Peters, on Metamorphosis of the Soul; Dave Juliano, on Why Some Cleansings, Blessings and Exorcisms Fail; and a lecture by psyhic, Christopher Fleming, on Angels. In the event, there will be a panel discussion on violent hauntings. Saturday's events include more lectures, including Dave Schrader on The Sciene of a Haunting; and a lecture by the members of the Haunted Collector team. Sunday will feature Eric Altman, of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, speaking about sasquatch encounters; and a lecture by Herman Stevenson.

Other celebrity guests include Chris Dedman, Tim Dennis, Mallie Fox and Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio; Jason Gowin of Extreme Paranormal; Mark Johnson of Unknown Origins Radio; psychic, Tiffany Johnson; Robert L. Murch Jr., a Ouija expert and collector; and many others.

“We will be having the real older sister from the movie, The Conjuring,” Wingerd said about the sixth annual event. “We also have two of the Bama Boys, team members from Deep South Paranormal coming.”

The Ghoul's Gala features music by a DJ. Guests are encouraged to attend in the guise of their favorite ghoul. Gettysburg Ghost Tours are running the investigations at various locations in the historic Civil War town. Wingerd said investigations at a historic farm house on the grounds of the hotel will be led by various celebrity paranormal investigators.

“We have a pretty good representation of vendors,” Wingerd said. “Some are selling candles and her cleansing materials. We also have a ton of authors coming.”

A number of paranormal groups from various areas will also be on hand. Local investigative groups will also be represented.

“The purpose of the conference is to bring the paranormal community together,” Wingerd said. “With the paranormal, there are different levels of experts. No one really know exactly what causes paranormal activities. We all share ideas and have a good time together.”

For more information, visit Phenomacon at

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