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Phenix City AL Landfill "Treasure"- Dog discarded like trash

A Treasure - discarded like trash at landfill.
A Treasure - discarded like trash at landfill.
J. McMillan

By the trash can, labeled "TRASH", a yellow sign with a big black arrow pointed straight toward her; a tired, hungry dog's image was captured yesterday at the landfill at Phenix City, Alabama.

The female German Shepherd mix was obviously discarded like trash, but Jaline Rena'e McMillan, a landfill employee, was determined she would not die in the trash.

McMillan snapped the photo, after days of trying to friend the dog, providing food and water, and coaxing her to come closer.

"She would run away at first. She was terrified, starving and exhausted," said McMillan. "I kept on trying. I couldn't forget the look in her eyes. Her sad eyes told the story of her despair and struggle to survive."

McMillan says she knew that she couldn't take the dog home to her small apartment, with no room for another dog, so she posted a plea, on Facebook.

Unfortunately, no rescue organizations stepped up. With the help of the Russell County-Phenix City Animal Shelter, the dog was trapped and taken to the shelter. A few people have expressed interest in her, but nothing is certain about her future at this time.

"I named her "Treasure", said McMillan. "That's the opposite of "trash", because she is definitely not trash, by any means."

McMillan had a chance to spend some time with "Treasure", walking her on a leash, feeding her by hand and comforting her.

"She's a gentle girl, longing for a kind hand and companionship," said McMillan. "She walks well on a leash. She wants to please. I pray that the shelter will be able to find her the home and forever guardian she deserves."

According to McMillan, cruel people dump their dogs and cats at the landfill regularly. Their ordeal to survive is unthinkable, and to catch the persons responsible for throwing away pets, is almost impossible."

If you are interested in giving "Treasure" the life she deserves, please contact Russell County-Phenix City Animal Shelter, RCPCASA, 1706 4th Street South, Phenix City, AL, 36869. Telephone number is (334) 291-4847, Email: Website:

UPDATE: August 8, 2014 - She is officially "Treasure" now. Interested in meeting "Treasure", call RCPCASA at number above. "Treasure's" link for adoption:

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