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Phd Women's Network Graduation Day!

Phd Women's Network
Phd Women's Network
Phd Women's Network

Today marked a pivotal moment in the lives of the women in the Phd Women’s Network in Nashville, Tennessee. The PhD Women’s Network is a support group that is open to women who are in the process of completing their doctorate degree or who have finished the process and are moving toward new projects after the doctorate. The group engages in discussions about the doctoral process, methods for successfully completing doctoral programs, and support in future research projects. This network is here to help alleviate stress during the doctoral process, provide an opportunity for networking, and provide continuous support to all of the women in our family of academia. This group is made up of nearly 900 women across the globe from various schools and disciplines but the foundation of this organization was forged from the minds and hearts of some of Capella’s alumni. In less than two years this organization grew from 3 members to close to 900 professional women all seeking the Phd.

The women in the Network each have a story to tell and a reason that brought them to this one point in their life. Each one can tell you that regardless of how many times they fell each of them have a reason for why they kept getting up. The Women of the Network have learned that failure is an event and not a person and moving on and moving forward is more the mantra than giving up.

Today, Ila Allen, Dion Serben, Joi Niles, Melia Speed, Temirra Jacobs-Bell, Sydonnie Council, Twanna Carter, Natalie P. Jones, Tomeka Stringer, Susan Miedzianowski, Hilary Johnson-Lutz, and Demetria M Hill-Cannady, stepped across a stage not just to demonstrate their completion to a program but to show those coming behind them that it can be done. In a world where women are busy heading the household, caring for their children, and struggling to do better and be better in this competitive male dominated world the women of the Phd Women’s Network stepped across the stage and provided hope as they turned around to reach out their hand to pull the sister within the Phd Women’s Network up to follow.

Congratulations ladies for a job well done!!!