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Pharrell Williams' Happy inspires global user video uploads on YouTube

Grammy-winning Pharrell Williams’ mega-hit Happy, which gained marked exposure by being featured in the animated film Despicable Me 2, has inspired a global craze on YouTube, with geographically personalized uploads coming from all corners of the planet.

Absent of politics, the military-industrial complex, border conflicts, and other miscellaneous social conflicts, Williams’ Happy proves that a good groove and a catchy melody can transcend cultural differences, capturing the human spirit, inspiring head bobs, hip gyrations, and evoking smiles globally.

Since its global release in November of 2013, Happy has since topped Billboard’s Top 100 chart in the United States as well as music charts in over 20 other countries. It was also recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The song has inspired a global phenomenon with excellent cover videos being created and uploaded onto YouTube by individuals from numerous countries, many with the common title Happy We Are From (country or city).

With so many user uploads of Happy popping up on YouTube from around the planet, and with over 150 million views of the original Happy music video, the inspirational, cross-cultural power of a song could not be more evident.

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