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Pharrell Williams announced as Season 7 vocal coach on NBC’s ‘The Voice’

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Breaking news courtesy of NBC: Pharrell Williams is a new vocal coach for Season 7 of NBC’s “The Voice.” The announcement came via social media, and 2.71 millions of the Twitter follers at 2:45 p.m. EST on March 31, 2014, NBC started tweeting hints about who the new vocal coach would be. Just an hour ago, NBC tweeted the first hint: “We know something you don’t know. Meet us here at 2:45 EST for a big surprise.”

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Arriving at their Twitter page promptly, followers read the first hint posted: “We may have a #NewVoiceCoach!!! We can't exactly tell you who yet, so we're just going to drop you hints.”

Anxious fans responded and waited for the next hint: (see slideshow for pictures accompanying hints)
"HINT #2: We promise our #NewVoiceCoach is out of this world...just like this planet."

Not a lot of information but the next photo hint was a giveaway:
HINT #3: Our #NewVoiceCoach is very into fashion. I mean, check their shoe game.

It was a great hint because you saw only a pair of wildly styled Adidas tennis shoes and a pair of blue jeans. Pharrell Williams fans know that he just signed a major endorsement deal with Adidas and given the immense popularity of “Happy,” it just made perfect sense to bring the biggest recording star of the hour to the best music reality contest on television.

Next hint was the adorable happy face symbol, and the clue: “HINT #4: We'll tell you what, the #NewVoiceCoach is definitely not sad.”

That did it. If anyone has missed the most popular song in the world right now, you’d have made an error in guessing but for those who know that face, it’s the “Happy” face. That was a giveaway, and a great move for the show to keep viewers engaged and mixing up the judge rotation a bit.

No official word yet on which coach will be on tour and missing from the show but it could be Shakira, because the fourth hint was a picture of the most familiar hat on the planet. The singer’s photo was final revelations after the clues.

Then, NBC tweeted “Guys, we can’t get over how amazing Season 7 will be with @pharrell as our #NewVoiceCoach.” Houston, Texas, for one place, is more than happy with the annoucement.

Already Twitter is trending with the great news. And the fans of “The Voice”? They’re very, very happy! Sing along because you know the words: “Clap along if you know what happiness is to you” because you’re ‘Happy’ to welcome Pharrell Williams to "The Voice" for Season 7.