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Pharrell Williams Amps It Up With ‘i am OTHER’ Uniqlo Collaboration


As of yesterday, it is official! Thanks to the unique marriage of Pharrell Williams and Uniqlo, fashion goers can take advantage of the "i am OTHER," collection which was launched in stores, and online. Williams, a renowned music producer and recording artist has been busy behind the ‘seams’ capitalizing on his unique eye for fashion. This highly anticipated line is based on a shared philosophy of a creative way of life.

Fortunately, for those still looking to fill their summer closets, this line is affordable. Don’t expect to pay more than $19.90 for your pick of creative graphic t-shirts, made of 100% cotton, with messages that embrace differences, such as “The Same is Lame,” and “Think Other.” Williams told VOGUE that "When I first tried some of the things we produced on, I couldn't stop myself from showing it off. I was like, 'Wow, this is going to be revolutionary." Although Uniqlo has decided to take a chance on showcasing its ability to cater to the urban market, Uniqlo has still managed to stay true to its core in delivering a product of quality, with reasonable price points.

For some, this collaboration may have come as a surprise, as Uniqlo has generally maintained a classic approach to its campaign strategy. In this case, it opted for a more edgy feel. Yet, the unique direction Uniqlo taken with this campaign, mirrors what Converse did with its Connectivity Campaign in 2008 to get back to the top, and emerge as 4 billion dollar business. The Connectivity Campaign featured icons of the memorable decades and current celebrities, to appeal to the millennial consumer. This campaign alone helped increase a 29% revenue, in one year alone. This was a stark difference from Converse’s All-American campaign. Uniqlo’s new collaboration with Pharrell has some similarities. Uniqlo has added a newer, bolder tone to attract consumers of all cultures with "i am OTHER."

If you are looking to take a chance on the “i am OTHER” movement, check out the collaboration for yourself.

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