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Pharrell’s hat gets a Twitter account after being seen on the 2014 Grammys

Pharrell's hat gets a Twitter account
Pharrell's hat gets a Twitter account
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards had one piece of fashion accessory offering a few laughs to those fans watching online. Social media definitely was laughing when Pharrell’s hat got its own Twitter account. The hat was almost gaudy, but that didn't bother the star on Sunday night because he wore it with pride.

Viewers knew something was up when Pharrell didn't take it off to interview with the media. Big enough to hide a Grammy award, the hat didn't seem to go with the outfit, but that didn't really matter. The hat could have been lost by Smokey the Bear too, but that didn't matter either as Pharrell’s Grammy hat had a twitter account. That’s right the hat seen in downtown Los Angeles was one that started talking on Twitter. Of course it was probably just a fan who picked up on the moment, but it was funny anyway.

Social media usually picks up the ridiculous items and exploits the moment until there is no juice left. Remember Angelina Jolie's leg from the Oscars? Well, Pharrell isn't offering a body part, but the star definitely might need to share his hat’s thoughts with the fans as they really want to know what is under that big cap.