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Pharrell makes preschool teacher and class 'Happy' with surprise appearance

Grammy winning "Happy" singer Pharrell Williams brightened up the day of several preschool students and their teacher with a surprise visit to the classroom during a playgroup session while they were all dancing to the hit song "Happy" according to the site ThisIsRnB on Wednesday Feb. 19.

Pharrell and fan Queen Allen

As a part of Mastercard's "Priceless Surprises," an effort to make the dreams of fans come true, Pharrell did just that when he made a surprise appearance at Clockhouse Community Centre, in the London borough of Greenwich, where he entered the "Theatrebugs" class while a group of 3-4 year olds along with their teacher, Queen Allen, were dancing and being "Happy."

A local London newspaper reports they were filming Queen's class while dancing to the "Happy" song and Pharrell surprised her by turning up and walking in and busting some moves with Queen and the children. Bina Brown, a representative for the Theatrebugs group says Pharrell's interaction with the children was absolutely great and he was a complete gentleman.

"He was an absolute gentlemen and was brilliant with the children too. He was very down to earth and had no big entourage or anything - he was simply lovely," Brown told the newspaper.

With cameras following Queen Allen's daily routine for a documentary about the day in the life of a Pharrell fan, she and her students never expected for him to actually walk into the room while filming. But luckily, the footage from the documentary will be used as a part of Mastercard's campaign, "Priceless Surprises" and will be aired during the Brit Awards Wednesday Feb. 19.

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