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Pharmacist prescribes anti-monster spray for child that couldn't sleep

North Dakota pharmacist prescribes anti-monster spray to 6-year-old child
Barrett Pharmacy

A pharmacist in North Dakota prescribed a bottle of anti-monster spray for a 6-year-old girl that was having sleep issues last year. The photo of the prescription bottle is starting to go viral on Facebook today.

A child was at the Barrett Pharmacy & Variety in Watford City, North Dakota this past December, and the 6-year-old informed the pharmacist that she couldn't sleep at night. According to the little girl, she was afraid of monsters that were in her room. Pharmacist Jeff Dodds prescribed the girl a bottle of anti-monster spray to take care of the problem.

"Spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary," the instructions on the label informed the user. According to the label, there were 120 sprays.

The photo of the bottle is beginning to go viral on Facebook and other social networking sites. Many people believe that this is a heartwarming story and the pharmacy truly goes the extra mile in taking care of their customers.

"I am probably not the first but I will say it won't be the last time in the near future people will say you are a pharmacy who really cares. God bless you for what you have done for this child in relieving their fears. You are the kind of establishment I would be proud to bring my business," customer Erik Maheu said.

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