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Pharma jobs in India to increase your job prospects globally

Pharmaceutical industry in India is on its way to undergo rapid growth in the coming years, which can be credited to the formation of new government and the reforms brought in. Pharma jobs will eventually be on a rise, professionals from this sector will witness growth in their career as well as new entrants will be offered lucrative pharma jobs to make a debut in this job sector. This article will help those looking forward to join this sector; which can be credited to two reasons, the fast track growth in their career and lucrative salaries that pharma jobs offer. So lets take a look at the careerpath and the salaries, allowing you to sort the best pharma job which offers an annual compensation which is at par with the industry standards.

Pharma jobs are available for a variety of functions depending upon your skills, education or previous work experience, if you are a seasoned professional. Pharma jobs are divided into various roles like; R&D, marketing & sales, manufacturing, production management, quality control, and quality assurance. All of these sub-domains of pharma jobs demand the necessary educational qualifications and skills to apply for job openings for any of these roles. As far as the annual remuneration is concerned R&D professionals are the highest paid and can expect an annual compensation of Rs 2-3 Lakhs for an entry-level role. Sales and marketing professionals with a degree in management can look forward to Rs 162,000 per year as the compensation.

Production and manufacturing professionals too have an higher earning potential, as this industry is driven by manufacturing processes, requiring professionals who can efficiently maintain the production output consistently throughout the year. A seasoned professional in this job role has an earning potential as high as Rs 9 Lakhs and those who are hired for entry-level role in this function can expect an annual package anywhere between Rs 2-3 Lakhs, which grows further as the number of years of experience increases.

Pharma sector, has enormous growth potential which is being catalyzed by the government, leading to massive rise in pharma jobs creation. Already 1.5 million professionals are employed in this job sector across 24000 manufacturing units of varied capacity throught the country. The Indian pharma industry has earned a spot in top three generic drug producers worldwide, and the experience that you earn in any of the pharma jobs in India will be of real value, increasing your job prospects globally as you'll be armed with those skills which are of utmost importance for pharma companies in developing and developed nations.

So those looking forward to a job change or fresh graduates who want to make an entry in this job sector, must jump the bandwagon with immediate effect as this is the time when pharma jobs are on a rise and pharma companies are aggressively ramping up their workforce.

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