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Pharika, God of Affliction from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Pharika, God of Affliction
Wizards of the Coast

Pharika, God of Affliction is a powerful new "Magic: The Gathering" card from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert expansion set "Journey Into Nyx." This black-green mythic rare god joins Kruphix, Iroas, Keranos, and Athreos to round out the cycle.

Pharika, God of Affliction - 1BG
Legendary Enchantment Creature - God (Mythic Rare)
As long as your devotion to black and green is less than seven, Pharika isn't a creature.
BG: Exile target creature card from a graveyard. Its owner puts a 1/1 black and green Snake enchantment creature token with deathtouch onto the battlefield.

Pharika, God of Affliction can deal with troublesome cards in opponent's graveyards, however they'll end up with some pesky deathtouch snake creatures of their own. Luckily they're only 1/1, and a Doomwake Giant will wipe them out for you.

Pharika, God of Affliction's best use is on your own graveyard, after your threats naturally die so that you can take out a rival's scariest threat just by chump blocking. Lotleth Troll on dump creatures into your graveyard at instant speed so that you can make a deadly blocker in a pinch and there's several other cards currently in standard which will help you stock up your graveyard.

Deadbridge Chant will put 10 cards in there, and you'll be able to use Pharika, God of Affliction in order to narrow down the choices for its upkeep trigger. A couple other great cards you'll want to include in any deck abusing Pharika, God of Affliction include Grisly Salvage, Drown in Filth, Rot Farm Skeleton, and Jarad's Orders. If you're filling your graveyard with creatures then you might as well add the legend himself: Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord.

How will you use Pharika, God of Affliction?

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