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Phantom pregnancy: Lady claims to be pregnant with quints, but not even pregnant

Barbara Bienvenue and Paul Servat
Barbara Bienvenue and Paul Servat

Barbara Bienvenue told her boyfriend Paul Servat that she was pregnant some 34 weeks ago. As time went on, she claimed she was having twins, then eventually stretched her ‘phantom pregnancy’ to quintuplets, according to the Toronto Sun on Friday.

When she got to the hospital on her due date, the hospital had to inform Servat, who was looking very forward to the multiple births, that his girlfriend wasn’t even pregnant.

Since the story broke on Friday, an ex-boyfriend of Bienvenue’s as well as relatives of the woman, have said that she has pretended to have had cancer before and also pretended to be expecting twins in the past. She also has allegedly pretended to have other afflictions which have included heart problems.

Worse yet, Bienvenue and Servat told a friend that she was having quintuplets, and that friend launched a Facebook page which resulted in food, clothes, and other baby items coming to Bienvenue’s home in droves. Needless to say, the friend now says she feels that she has been used. The friend says she used her personal and professional contacts to get sponsorships for Bienvenue. Even furniture had been donated.

The phantom pregnancy’s father is reportedly heartbroken. He laments that his parents were so looking forward to having grandchildren, too.

Bienvenue was allegedly kept in the hospital after her non-pregnancy for a psychological examination.

Regarding the donors, so far, no one has filed a lawsuit against Bienvenue.

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