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Phantom philanthropist showers Hollywood with hundred dollar bills

Hiddencash hits Hollywood
Hiddencash hits Hollywood
Patti Pietschmann

Holy MGM lion, the HiddenCash anti-bandit struck again, this time the pseudo-philanthropist dropped his loot off in bottles that are used to hold bubble-making liquid all around Hollywood. Can’t figure out how I missed the Tweet.

The phantom of the money drop posts this on his Twitter site: “Who wants hidden cash? You do? Follow and tweet when you find it. Then pay it forward...” an “"Where should ourt last L.A. cash drop be?" @HiddenCash asked just before 1 p.m. "Vote now! Parks are best."

According to the Hollywood Patch, “the bottles also came with a handwritten sign on it that said "twitter @HiddenCash" and a goofy face.”

Hundreds of dollars were also fund in Angry Birds figurines throughout SoCal. More drops are expected to be made tomorrow according to other @hiddencash Tweets. The mysterious money giver began showering cash around about a month ago in San Francisco before moving down to Los Angeles and environs.