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'Phantasm V: Ravager' officially announced

Phantasm V: Ravager movie poster
Phantasm V: Ravager movie poster

'Phantasm' fanatics rejoice; Ain't It Cool News reported on March 25, 2014 that a fifth sequel in the franchise is coming soon.

Apparently the movie has already been shot, and is titled 'Phantasm V: Ravager.' Official release details will arrive later this week. We've posted the new movie poster for this article.

A few things we do know; series regulars Reggie Banister, Kat Lester and the seemingly immortal Angus Scrimm (aka 'The Tall Man') are all set to return. And original 'Phantasm' director/writer Don Coscarelli, will be producing this time around. David Hartman will be directing.

Coscarelli shot down rumors of a fifth sequel in an 2012 interview with Bloody Disgusting, so no telling how long (or little) this project has been in the pipeline.

The original 'Phantasm' was released in 1979. It was an odd fever dream of a horror movie that was often awkward in its execution, but all added to its wonky charm. No sequel has seemed to tap into that zeitgeist quite so effectively, but here's hoping that the fifth entry in the series will entertain on its own merits.

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