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Phaedra Parks to leave ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’? Fans point to blog, photos

Phaedra Parks leaving show?
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Phaedra Parks might be leaving “The Real Hosuewives of Atlanta?” Don’t be surprised if this was the cast member’s last season as many are thinking she is going to be replaced by Marlo Hampton in the next season. So what are the fans basing this assumption of departure on? Well, there is more fact than fiction on the idea that the star is leaving. According to LALate on Sunday, there is the biggest factor of Apollo Nida allegedly being involved with a fraud scheme.

There is more evidence that Phaedra Parks is on her way out of the reality series. Apparently the very opinionated cast member hasn’t written on her Bravo blog at all about the season. In fact in February she admitted that she hadn’t watched the show and on a previous post suggested that people come see her on tour. Phaedra Parks isn’t involved in the show outside of what is seen on Sunday nights.

Checking in on Phaedra Parks’ Twitter account the same is found. Parks shares where she will be, but the star doesn’t reveal anything about the shows or how she feels. It’s quite odd for someone who gets paid to be a cast member.

The rumors of being replaced by a new cast member might be exaggerated, but Phaedra Parks isn’t participating in anything but the filming of the show. While her story line is big enough to fill a whole hour, there are so many personal issues going on, people are wondering if she can say anything or if her silence signals that she is riding her time out and getting ready to move on.

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