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PGL maintennance, Fancy Pattern Vivillon event, and battle competition reminder

Vivillon's Meadow Pattern
Vivillon's Meadow Pattern
Photo: Zeke Mathers

The Pokemon Global Link will be down for scheduled maintenance this coming Monday. In the US, the PGL will be down from 4:00 pm Monday to 4:00 am Tuesday, EST. The UK will also experience down time from 9:00 pm Monday to 9:00 am Tuesday, GMT.

Another note on the PGL is that a new event will soon be available. According to the website, a Fancy Pattern Vivillon will be distributed to commemorate a record 100 million Pokemon trades over the Global Trade Station. The method of distribution will be revealed when the record is reached - currently, the number stands at about 90 million. Vivillon, the Scale Pokemon, is a unique Pokemon that possesses 20 known wing patterns, 18 of which appear in "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" depending on the geographic location set in the player's 3DS system. Number 19, the Poke Ball Pattern, is available in a separate event at the Pokemon Center in Paris from June 4 to June 21. Because only a single pattern can be obtained in-game, Trainers seek to complete their collections by trading for the other 19 patterns, which has caused Vivillon to hold the title for the most frequently traded Pokemon in the world. This Pokemon is also the only one out of the 721 known species that can learn the move Powder, which when used will "explode" and damage the targeted Pokemon if that Pokemon uses a Fire-type move. On top of these traits, Vivillon also holds the unflattering position of Pokedex entry number 666.

Vivillon, however, probably will not see much action in the upcoming Think Fast Competition. Running from June 6th to 8th, this is a Single Battle competition which allows entry of any Pokemon in the National Pokedex, including Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. The times for these battles will be shorter than previous competitions: a total match time of 10 minutes, a team preview time of 30 seconds, and a move selection time of 15 seconds. All other rules for this competition will be standard. Registration for this competition begins on May 29 at midnight and ends on June 5 at 11:59 pm, UTC; if a player has a copy of both "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" registered in their PGL account, the player may register each game separately for the competition. 50,000 participants will be allowed, and entrants will be awarded 1,000 Poke Miles to use at the PGL or in-game.