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PGA REACH will positively impact lives at 96th PGA Championship

So many people will be helped thanks to this great charity!
So many people will be helped thanks to this great charity!

As the 96th PGA Golf Championship approaches, plans for PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America, is also gearing up. Their goal is to seek to positively impact the lives of youth, military and diverse communities through the game of golf at the PGA Championship.

In order to reach their goals, PGA REACH has partnered with best-in-class charities in order to support the three pillars at the 96th PGA Championship: Youth, Military and Diversity/Inclusion. They will kick off the festivities with a golf clinic taught by PGA Professionals. The clinic will be offered for underserved youth in the community in order to introduce the young men and women to the game of golf.

PGA REACH, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club have introduced over 2,000 youth across the United States to the game of golf and to its life enhancing values since 2010. PGA REACH also partners with other organizations for the betterment of life for kids in distressed neighborhoods.

Take for instance their partnership with Blessings in a Backpack, a Louisville, Kentucky program that ensures underserved elementary school children get a backpack filled with nutritious food to take home on the weekends. The impact of their partnerships is a blessing that many youngsters would otherwise not witness.

To further their impact on the Kentucky children, PGA REACH is planning to implement golf programs to be taught by local PGA Professionals in the area schools. This way they will make golf more accessible to the kids in the area and the kids can learn life lessons by learning the game. The kids that will gain accessibility will be those supported by PGA REACH Kentucky.

“This is an exciting time for the PGA of America,” said Scott Kmiec, Senior Director of PGA REACH. “Through PGA REACH programming at the PGA Championship, the PGA of America will be in a position to make a more meaningful impact in the communities we serve.”

The next step of their journey is to help the military community by reaching out to them; utilizing golf as a means to support veterans not only in the Kentucky region, but all across America. PGA REACH will do so by offering an Armed Forces golf clinic that will be held at Shawnee Golf Course in Louisville. They will provide those in the military an opportunity to receive a golf lesson from certified PGA Professionals.

PGA REACH began their partnership with the Helping Our Patriots Everywhere (HOPE) program in 2007. Ever since then, they have facilitated both the physical and social rehabilitation of over 2,000 veterans nationwide.

As for their Diversity/Inclusion pillar, PGA REACH seeks to create a culture of inclusiveness by communicating and demonstrating the fact that golf can be affordable and accessible for people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. Since this pillar began in 1993, PGA REACH has provided nearly 400 diversity-based scholarships in order to support their goal.

PGA REACH has recently been unveiled as the charitable foundation of the PGA of America and will align with the 41 PGA Section offices and charitable partners throughout the United States to positively impact lives through golf. Through the creation and promotion of key programs and initiatives, PGA REACH will utilize existing programming while fostering new partnerships and initiatives. To accomplish this goal, the PGA Foundation has been rebranded as PGA REACH.

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