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PG13-Produce, gadgets and much, much more!

Looks to pretty to eat...think again! Definitely digging into this scrumptious delight!
Looks to pretty to eat...think again! Definitely digging into this scrumptious delight!
Dave Linder

It’s that time of year again…I know, parents, try to contain yourselves. “Back-to-school’ is here and the kids are gearing up with the latest and greatest gadgets, backpacks, clothes and cool meal deals, and all the while, all the while parents are literally paying for it at the register!

There is some relief for your pocketbooks with some handy-dandy ideas and recipes for lunches and dinners.

Fresh produce and fruit are still plentiful at your local farmers market. The Giant Eagles stores in your area and Miles Farmers Market are both offering locally grown produce. At Miles Farmers Market, ‘locally’ grown means the product should be delivered to their doors within a seven hour period from time of picking. Now that’s fresh!

Moms you can pack an incredible lunch with fresh-picked vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, carrots and summer squash and luscious, sweet-tasting peaches for a minimal cost. I purchased a 5-pound bag of peaches for $7.00 at J & J Produce located at 16323 Claridon-Troy Rd., in Burton, Ohio.

Fresh picked corn is also available right now, which makes a great addition to any dinner. Oh, and don’t forget the red, juicy tomatoes that are just becoming available too! They’re great by themselves or in a salad.

So let’s see…we have lunch, dinner…oh, I almost forgot, we need dessert! I have another great peach cobbler recipe for you to try. It was incredibly delicious, the peaches were sweet, tender and juicy and made by a 17-year-old chef-in-the-making, Sarah Linder. Sarah made it for a large family gathering while visiting in Colorado last month. Definitely a keeper and something the teens can help out with while moms are hustling up dinner for the family.

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